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Secretary’s office and administration

The secretary’s office is your first point of contact. In case you would like to contact a teacher, register your child or if  you require information. Our secretary’s office is at your disposal Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and Monday to Wednesday also from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. You can reach us on 061 331 62 50 or info(at)

Cathia Schuler


Claudia Hoffmann

Pre-school|parental contributions

Kerstin Vögeli

Accounting | parental

Stephan Frei

Finances | accounting

Ursula Schaub

Staff administration

Conference Management Board

The Conference Management Board is the first point of contact for the teaching staff. It also takes care of the concerns and questions of parents, pupils, employees and public relations. You can reach its members via the secretary’s office phone 061 331 62 50 or konferenz(at)

Christian Ostheimer

Member of the Conference Management Board

Häfner Sabine
Sabine Häfner

Member of the Conference Management Board

Daniel Thiel

Member of the Conference Management Board

School Association Board

The Rudolf Steiner School Basel is – in legal terms – an association, managed by the School Association Board. The board mandates the Finance Committee, the Parental Contributions Committee and manages the School Association sessions. Its members comprise school staff and parents. You can contact members of the board via the secretary’s office‘s phone 061 331 62 50 or info(at)

Benz Schaffner

Co-President of the School Association | Gym teacher

Schafranietz Jürgen
Jürgen Schafranietz

Co-President of the School Assiociation | Class teacher

Heidi Gasser

Member of the Board |Class teacher

Vincent Hoehn

Member of Finance Committee | School father

Georg Jost

Member of the Finance Committee | Class teacher

Kerstin Vögeli

Member of the Finance Committee| Management Parental Contributions Committee

Regine Arakov

Member of the Board | Teacher

André Kanyar

Member of the Board | Solicitor | School father

Olivia Wolff

Member of the Board | Kindergarten teacher


Conference  meetings take place on Thursdays. School staff and teachers govern the school together via a School Management Conference, a Pedagogic Conference and an Administrative Conference. Furthermore, there are conferences for the primary,  secondary and senior levels. By the way, there is no school principal, however, there are clearly defined delegations. Pedagogic work is carried out on a weekly basis. Further committees meet as required.

Daniel Thiel

Chair of the Administrative Conference

Claudio Czak

Chair of the Senior Level Conference

Schafranietz Jürgen
Jürgen Schafranietz

Chair of the Secondary Level Conference

Barbara Dominitz

Chair of the Junior Level Conference

Dirr Simone
Simone Dirr

Chair of the Kindergarten Conference

Sylvia Kost

Chair of the Playgroup Conference

Parents Association

The Parents Association has a clearly defined mandate representing the interests of the school parents. Each class and each kindergarten elects a representative for the Parents Association, which meets once a month. You can submit requests via email: elternrat(at)

Yves-Michel Claude

Co-Chair of the Parents Association | School father

Ralf Balaszeskul

Co-chair of the Parents Association | School father

Press spokesman

Interested in receiving our press releases? Or you have a question? Our press spokesman is looking forward to hearing from you. Please do not hesitate to contact him on daniel.hering(@) or +41 76 488 35 81. You may also find everything you need to know precisely summarized in our factsheet.

Daniel Hering

Press spokesman

Head of Public Relations

Interested in receiving our school magazine? Or you have questions regarding our events? Inputs? Our Head of Public Relations will be glad to help you. Simply contact her via or 061 331 62 50.

Manuela Krattiger

Head of Public Relations

Mediation Office

Our Mediation Office offers support to our pupils, parents and staff. When communication problems arise, conflicts appear to be unresolvable or  simply if requested. The independent, qualitfied team below is at your disposal for this purpose. They can be contacted via the number +41 76 514 12 16.

Sandra Kohler

Economist, mediator

Timon Sutter

Jurist, mediator

Irene Koller

Nurse, mediator

Joschko Ruppersberg

Engineer, mediator

Prevention and Reporting Office

Personal violations are no peccadilloes. The Rudolf Steiner School Basel takes violations of the physical, psychological and sexual integrity very seriously. Thus, we have established a Prevention and Reporting Office which closely cooperates  with external experts and  implements preventative measures as well. To prevent violations from happening in the first place.

The Prevention and Reporting Office takes care of prevention and intervention. Its target is to maintain the physical, psychological and sexual integrity. In particular

  • it is the first point of contact for parents, pupils and employees in case of  suspected or known  abuse.
  • it is responsible for the procedure, if such violations are suspected among pupils.
  • it documents the procedure.
  • it protects the personality rights.
  • it develops the prevention concept and the intervention guide lines.
  • it presents the prevention concept and intervention guide lines to new employees and at parents meetings.
  • it initiates prevention-related work among the teaching staff at least once a year.
  • it delegates one member of the prevention and reporting office to the trainings of the «Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Rudolf Steiner Schulen in der Schweiz».

The Prevention and Reporting Office cooperates with the offices below:

Kinder- und Jugenddienst KJD
Leonhardsstr. 45
4051 Basel
Phone 061 267 45 55

Triangel – Opferhilfe beider Basel
Steinenring 53
4051 Basel
Phone 061 205 09 10

Universitäts-Kinderspital UKBB
Spitalstrasse 33
4031 Basel
Phone 061 704 12 12

You may contact the Prevention and Reporting Office via the secretary’s office’s phone on 061 331 62 50 or directly via e-mail: meldestelle(at)

Claudio Czak

Gym teacher

Tatjana von Toenges

Eurythmy teacher

Vivian Birk

Class teacher

Laura Frey

Class teacher

Office for Addiction Prevention

Addiction is a real threat for many young people. This is why the Rudolf Steiner School Basel decided to implement an Office for Addiction Prevention. With measures that promote physical, psychological and mental wellbeing. In collaboration with parents and external bodies. To prevent addictions from arising.

Prevention means taking prophylactic measures to foster physical, mental and psychological health. One important aspect therein is education. Therefore, we consider the parents responsible for prevention. Our office for addiction prevention complements the duties of the legal guardians. As Office for Addiction Prevention we

  • are in charge of questions and problems regarding addictions (substances and media).
  • are a point of contact for parents, teachers and pupils.
  • delegate to internal or external offices.
  • inform teachers and encourage their conferencing.
  • support teachers in organising class specific events, e. g. with external specialists.
  • host a joint parents meeting for third, fourth and fifth grade. We inform parents, encourage exchange of experiences and strenghten their position.
  • keep the awareness of addiction issues in the school alive, by e.g. initiating and supporting presentations and  trainings.
  • compose a yearly statement of accounts.
  • guarantee that at least two external experts are members of the Office for Media and Addiction Prevention.

You may contact the Office for Media and Addiction Prevention via the secretary’s office’s phone 061 331 62 50 or e-mail: info(at)

Marianne Feschotte

French teacher

Simone Eder

Needlework teacher

Elisabeth Vonbun

School mother

Steffi Giaracuni

School mother

Complaints Office

We consider conflicts and the striving for sensible solutions an important part of the cooperation between parents and teachers. To give some orientation the Rudolf Steiner School Basel has compiled conflict guide lines. If at a certain point you disagree with the process, you may contact our Complaints Office.

The Rudolf Steiner School Basel

  • considers conflicts a chance for evolution
  • preventively fosters the dialogue between parents and teachers – aiming to create trust and transparency
  • differentiates following levels: disagreement, controversies, conflicts
  • tries to offer low-threshold solutions
  • engages in the dialogue
  • never settles conflicts via the children
  • does not address anonymous complaints
  • avoids hasty reactions integrating the helpful effect of breaks
  • exercises absolute discretion when conflicts arise, does not share information with unauthorised persons and does not forward unverified information
  • strives for de-escalation, process-oriented objectivity and professional composure
  • considers the fact that parents and teachers are contractual partners

In case of conflict, the Rudolf Steiner School Basel considers

  • the wellbeing of the child/the class
  • the protection of the parents
  • the protection of the school
  • the welfare of the teacher

In advance it sorts out the roles and competencies of the parties involved. It is especially aware of role conflicts.
If e. g. a teacher simultaneously is the father of a pupil.

  • Or a pupil’s mother is simultaneously the mediator.
  • In case of bias, the walkout is to be considered.

Inform us about your issue at

› beschwerdestelle(at)
› Your contact partner will immediately contact you to arrange an appointment.

Nadine Kanyar