Soon it will arrive, the first day of school! And your children will be setting off to discover another part of this great wide world. You have undoubtedly asked yourself which school is right for your child. Come and find out more about our elementary level. Main lesson teaching; foreign languages as of grade one plus the Steiner school curriculum. So you may rest assured that your child will successfully discover this new world.

What we offer

The Rudolf Steiner School Basel provides an alternative at every level – with the child-oriented Steiner school curriculum covering everything from kindergarten through to the Swiss baccalaureate. The advantage: your children can attend the same school for 13 years and stay with their classmates.

The class teacher instructs most periods of main lesson teaching during the first six years at elementary level. Thus, your children have a clearly definded main caregiver providing competent mentoring.

The Steiner school curriculum gives equal importance to arts, crafts and cognitive subjects. Subject matter is related to age and developmental status. And there is no such thing as having to repeat a year. So your children can grow as individuals at their own pace – free from stress and fear.

There are no desks in the classrooms of grade one and two, only benches. The children rearrange them in different positions for stories and games. While writing the benches serve as desks with the children sitting on cushions. The benefit: your children move around more, which is beneficial to their health.

The first two lessons are always dedicated to the current main lesson subject. For example, four weeks of biology, then three weeks of maths, followed by four weeks of German. This helps your children to steadily deepen their knowledge of each subject.

Your children will already start learning English and French during their first year of school. At first, with songs, games and simple conversation exercises. Grammar teaching and writing follow later. Thus, your children can learn foreign languages as naturally as they’ve learned their native tongue.

You will receive a written report or be invited to a discussion. Your children’s competence in the various subjects, learning and social skills are all covered in the appraisals. In grades 2 and 6, there are also supplementary progress meetings. These offer you a detailed view of the progress your children make.

The class teacher works together with the class team. This team includes a support teacher and the subject teachers. So there is a competent team supporting your children and the class.

At the elementary level, the class teacher keeps you informed about everything. The teacher invites you to three or four parents meetings per year, leads the progress meetings and writes school reports. So you are always well-informed.


Wiggli Maya

Maya Wiggli

Class teacher 1a

Andrea Kaufmann

Class teacher 1b

Heike Baum

Class teacher 2a

Bianca Zeltner

Class teacher 2b

Maria Krischik

Class teacher 3a

Aglaia Peters

Class teacher 3b

Barbara Dominitz

Class teacher 4a

Christine Jäger

Class teacher 4b

Gabriela Held

Class teacher 5a

Johannes Kartje

Class teacher 6a

Heidi Gasser

Class teacher 6b

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