You wonder what eurythmy is? And in particular, eurythmy for children? In these eurhythmy lessons your children immerse themselves in music, language and movement. They may be little birds flying from the nest for the first time. Then they hop and stamp and creep, like animals in a farmyard. And then dance like snowflakes falling to earth. Your children will love the movement and learn to feel at home in their own bodies.

What we offer

Children of three years or over can start whenever they like. The children’s eurhythmy classes are held in the Rosenbogen kindergarten, Spiegelbergstr. 18a, 4059 Basel. We usually meet on Thursday and Friday mornings 11-11.50 a.m. or in the afternoon 3- 3.50 p.m. The price is 15 Swiss francs per lesson.


Michaela Ecknauer

Instructor pre-school eurythmy

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