You’re looking for an alternative to state schools but haven’t decided on a private school yet? No problem. Get to know us without any pressure to commit. For example, at one of our open days, at an information evening or an introductory meeting. Then you’ll know more about how a Steiner school works and can decide in your own time.

We offer

Ask us what you want to know in an introductory meeting. Just phone us up and arrange a meeting with an experienced class teacher. If you’re interested take a registration form and arrange a tryout week for your child.

Your child already attends a state or private school but would like to change? Then we’ll arrange a trial week. To get to know the class and the teachers. You can arrange the trial week in your introductory meeting.

You’d like to see the Steiner school in action? Then come to one of our open days and experience firsthand how the block lessons, early foreign language teaching and the Waldorf curriculum work. For playgroups and kindergartens, you can arrange an individual appointment to visit via the secretary’s office on 061 331 62 50 or email info(at)

Every January we arrange an info evening with a tour of the school for parents interested in our school. First there is a presentation about the school. Then you are given a tour of the arts and craft rooms, the classrooms and the school dining room. You’ll find the date of the next info evening in our agenda.


Choose an event from our agenda. You don’t even have to register. Just come along and enjoy the event.

24. October 2019

open day

24. october 2019, 20:00 h
Rudolf Steiner School Basel
For anyone interested

Info evening for kindergartens

23. January 2019, 19:30 h
Rudolf Steiner School Basel
For anyone interested

Team for introductory meetings

Johanna Kartje

Subject teacher eurythmy

Corinna Müller

Subject teacher handicrafts

Maria Schengber

Subject teacher handicrafts

Interested? Come and meet us!