Are you looking for something very special for your child? Then we can recommend our outdoor playgroup. With a muddy hollow, a water channel and a fire pit. With beetles, birds and snails. And a hut which is warm and dry when the rain, wind or snow are too strong. Come and take a look and give your child a year of pure nature.

What we offer

Arrival time – The children who arrive first can start to play or dream a bit longer on the swing. Some of them knead the dough for the morning bread rolls or set the water for the tea to boil on the fire pit. Afterwards the bread is also cooked on the open fire.

Free play – Free play begins. There is a water channel, a swing and a wooden tipi with a cooking area. And spades, buckets and wheelbarrows. The children can climb around on tree trunks – their falls broken by crash pads and wood chips –  secure an imaginary building site with barrier tape or jump around in a huge pile of leaves. And they gather flowers, blossoms and berries as well of course.

Movement game – Now the children come together in a circle to play a movement game. Together we greet the sun shining through the leaves of the trees, the bright blue sky or the freshly fallen snow. We gallop around in a circle like ponies or tap away like dwarfs mining deep in the mountain. We move with the seasons in our rhythms, rhymes and songs.

Snack and free play – Mm… what smells so good? A delicious smell is inviting us to come and eat. The bread rolls are baked to crispy perfection! The children gather together in the hut or out on the terrace and eat the bread with butter, herb salt or honey. There is also warm tea, fruit and vegetables. Afterwards they are free to play as they like again.

Story and farewell – The children gather round in a semi-circle on low tree trunks on top of which they have placed felt cushions. If it is raining or snowing they gather in the hut. The playgroup leader tells a story with little figures. Then it is time to say goodbye. A morning full of play and nature comes to an end.

You can stay with your child for a while when they first start at the playgroup. The length of the settling-in period is arranged individually for each child.

Our three parents’ meetings cover topics on education at playgroup age in general and what is going on in the Bluemegärtli garden playgroup.

We are always happy to arrange an appointment to discuss your child’s development with you. We also hold a final meeting at the end of their time at the playgroup.

The children receive ideal mandatory German language tuition by a qualified specialist in a caring and supportive relationship.

Our garden playgroup is for children from the age of three till they start kindergarten and for children who officially require German language development support.

Monday to Friday 7.45 – 11.30 a.m.
Arrival time 7.45 to 8.30 a.m.
Pick-up time 11.30 a.m.

The playgroup is in the school garden of the Rudolf Steiner School Basel. There is a hut with heating there for when the weather is bad.

One morning a week costs CHF 144 a month. If you already have a child at the Rudolf Steiner School, Basel, you will be given a reduction.

Bluemegärtli team

Andrea Jost

Playgroup leader

Lucienne Bockemühl

Playgroup leader

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