Everything changes when a child is born. Other fathers and mothers feel just the same way. Our parent-child groups are designed to offer you a safe space in which to share your experiences with each other. The kids explore a world of play and you can chat with the other parents.

What we offer

The Rudolf Steiner School Basel has a few parent-child groups running. There are around six children of similar ages in each group with their mothers or fathers. You can join whenever you wish to.

When a child is born a lot of things are new and unfamiliar. As parents you know how incredibly important the first year of a child’s life is. In the parent-child group you will get deeper insights into your children’s development. How do your children experience sensory stimuli? How do they coordinate their movements? How does the way they play develop? You can chat with the other parents and discover how individual and special your child is.

The parent-child group starts by eating a morning or afternoon snack together. The parents and their toddlers can settle down and chat. Then we sing a song together and move over to the play room. Small blankets are set out in the playroom where the toddlers can play with natural materials. For the slightly bigger kids there is a play kitchen. They can open and close pots, fill them and stir things around. Animals are carefully put away in their stable and dolls want to go out for a walk in the pram. The even bigger kids have a platform with stairs and a slide where they can practice balancing and coordination.

You will find a wide range of informative material in our library. We offer courses in making your own felt, crib figurines and toys upon request.

We have a theme evening once a month. The themes are based on your queries, for example: rhythms; sleeping; siblings; rebellious phases; saying no; rituals; celebrations; setting boundaries to preserve your own strength; various educational approaches; fairy tales or day-to-day problems.

Rosenbogen kindergarten, Spiegelbergstr. 18a, 4059 Basel. Usually Thursday and Friday mornings 9-10.30 a.m. Afternoons 4-5.30 p.m. 9 sessions cost 225 francs. One theme evening costs 25 francs.


Michaela Ecknauer

Instructor parent-child group

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