Our school fees are actually a contribution per family determined according to income. This is because we want any child who so wishes to be able to attend our school, regardless of the family’s financial situation. The contribution is levied by the parental contribution committee, which is composed of parents. What’s so special? The parents take responsibility for our school’s financing as a community. That’s the Steiner school.


The Rudolf Steiner School Basel receives no state support and is mostly financed by school fees. Contributions are calculated per family and according to income, once agreed the children can attend our school. In this arrangement families with higher incomes support those with lower incomes. Ideally any child should be able to attend a Steiner school – regardless of the parent’s income.

Once you have registered your child and after the pedagogic admission (readiness for school) we’ll invite you to a parents’ meeting on finance led by members of the parental contributions committee. During the meeting we inform you about how the school is financed, parental contributions and the contribution agreement.

All our parents sign a contribution agreement with the school. The agreed amount is based on the annual gross income as stated in the tax declaration. Once the agreement is signed and concluded your child is admitted although there is a 6-month trial period.

Parental Contributions Committee

Stephan Moor

School father

Christine Utinger-Ryser

School mother

Daniel Hettich

School father

Regina Cantieni Marbach

School mother

Marco Sutter

School father

Yves Wenger

School father

Claudia Hoffmann

Staff member for school fees

Kerstin Vögeli

Co-chair parental contributions committee

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