Year 13 prepares students for the Swiss baccalaureate. The preparation takes place on the premises of the Rudolf Steiner School Basel. The exams are held externally in Zurich, Bern and Basel. The students are responsible for their own studies but are given intensive support.

What we offer

The exams are set by the Swiss Baccalaureate Commission (SMK) and organized by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation. Exams are held twice a year in the German, French and Italian speaking regions. Preparation for the Swiss baccalaureate is open, meaning it can be undertaken at a private tutoring school or autodidactically. In contrast to the cantonal baccalaureate schools, the Swiss baccalaureate is taken externally with external examiners. The certificates awarded for the two types of baccalaureate are equivalent.

Year 13 is designed for motivated students who wish to finish off their completed 12 years of education at a Rudolf Steiner School. The conditions for admission to year 13 are constantly good to excellent results in all the relevant subjects, a well-developed sense of personal responsibility and ability to cope with pressure. The students are also expected to actively contribute to the learning processes in the group as team players.

The students receive active support. They are given an introduction to study and work techniques. Class supervisors meet with the students for appraisals at regular intervals. The subject teachers give up-to-date feedback on their learning progress and discuss any problems the students have with them. Mock exams are held in preparation.

We hold a study camp which lasts a week after the summer vacation. The day is divided up into blocks of theory, detailed problem solving and excursions.

Students can arrange their own extracurricular activities in year 13. For example, they can use the gym and participate in choir and orchestra rehearsals.

Subject teachers and class supervisors attend regular conferences, to work on the year 13 framework and how to support the students.

There are three integrative secondary schools (IMS) which collaborate in the Basel area. The classes in year 13 are a mix of students from all three locations. The schools also collaborate in the biology and chemistry major. The three locations are:

Rudolf Steiner School Birseck, Aesch
FOS Freie Mittelschule Muttenz
Rudolf Steiner School Basel


Barbara Böhringer

Class teacher

Eva Wilde

Class teacher

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