Palaces are constructed out of building blocks. Cloths are transformed into roofs. And suddenly a kingdom has emerged. Do you remember how wonderful that was? Then come and visit our kindergartens and open the doors of a world full of play and movement to your children. Welcome to a realm of imagination, where your child can simply be a child.

What we offer

Fairytales and stories contain plenty of ancient wisdom; the truths they teach are timeless. The kindergarten teachers tell them every day. They inspire the children’s imaginations, but also offer them guidance. When the hero proves himself against the challenges he faces. Or the heroine succeeds in a task that first appeared impossible.

Children learn by experiencing the world with all their senses. For example, in forms, colors, warmth and gravity. That is why our children spend a lot of time outside, where they discover the joys of tree trunks, stones and puddles. This enables the children to form a strong bond with the real world and learn to respect their environment.

Rhythm integrates the children in nature and the cosmos. The rhythm of the days with music and movement, free play, elevensies, handicrafts and fairytales. The weekly rhythm starting with bread baking day and the day we spend in the woods. And the year, with its seasons and festivals. These rhythms give your children a sense of security and reassurance and strengthen their memories and sense of purpose.

Playing is an essential part of early childhood. The Waldorf kindergartens offer plenty of room for play. Our playthings are of natural materials and simply constructed. They are designed to inspire intense play and allow your children to evolve their own activities and imagination.

Children all develop at their own pace. The Waldorf kindergartens encourage your children’s development consistently, but also give them the time that each of them needs for their own development. So that your children can be children.

Building, cooking, baking, gardening, housework and craftwork are cultural skills that have been in existence for thousands of years. Our kindergartens integrate these cultural skills so that your children practice them quite naturally.

Children learn through identification and imitation. For this they need role models: people who make an effort to do what is right and good. Children orientate themselves quite naturally to such efforts; they emulate them and develop accordingly.

In kindergarten your children are part a social fabric and have to find their places within the group. In these two years they both learn and experience loving and respectful social interaction with each other.

Our pre-school teachers collaborate closely with the parents, therapists and doctors. There is a weekly conference dedicated to improving the educational program or creating special support measures. This is to the benefit of your children.

Our kindergartens – depending on their location – are open Monday to Friday from 7:45 or 8:00 a.m. till 12:00 midday.

Locations and administration

Jenny Lötscher

Kindergarten Schnäggehüsli

Leader Jenny Gschwind
Sierenzerstrasse 37
4055 Basel
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Violaine Sirdey

Kindergarten Birsmattehof

Leader Violaine Sirdey
Birsmatthof 1
4106 Therwil
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Kindergarten Haselbusch

Leader Simone Dirr
Rainallee 111
4125 Riehen
› See map

Kindergarten Hummel

Leader Olivia Wolff
Niklaus von Flüe-Strasse 19
4059 Basel
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Sabine Häfner

Kindergarten Holderhüsli

Leader Sabine Häfner
Hohe Winde Strasse 38
4059 Basel
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Kindergarten Rosenbogen

Leader Anna Moster
Spiegelbergstr. 18a
4059 Basel
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